Monday, June 18, 2012

Boho Vest For Office Women

Most office women are looking for ways for them to look comfortable yet professional. Luckily the boho fashion has something to offer for them – the Boho vest. Some office women do not have any idea that they can wear boho vest in a professional way or other occasions. But they can, here are some ways you can wear it:

1. Layer the vest with other winter pieces. Never limit wearing vests, try to layer it up with a v-neck sweater or turtle neck or wool pants and denim jeans. Try it with different pieces of clothes from your closet. Aside from wearing a women vest with same old jeans try it with shorts, dresses, skirts or any nice tops.

2. Forget about being laidback, try wearing it with a cute floral dress, bubble skirts, gyps skirts, or with ruffle blouses.

3. Remember to wear them the way it flatters your body, at times women vest may make you look fat.

4. Balance the look. Make sure to wear it with a basic top, with minimum accessories and pants. Make it as the key piece of your outfit. Those are some of the ways on wearing women vest. Moving on, find out the stylish ways to wear it.

5. Using a basic tank top or camisole is a great idea. This is perfect during a warm weather, a pair of soft cotton vest paired with a cute camisole or plain tank top. Let the tank top look up from the chest and the rest from the bottom.

6. Women vest paired with a dress. For a boho look, wear it with a summer dress. It will look great with most type of dress sleeves, three-fourth or full length or short except for a princess sleeves or those that appears squeezed when wearing a vest. Make sure to wear a tailored vest on its top. If the dress has many colors wear one of the shades then choose a vest that has the same shade. In case there is a need for more curves, unbutton it and put on some skinny belt around your waist.

7. Women vest will look great with a blouse. It looks awesome when paired with solid and colored print blouses and shirts. Wear a blouse with a right length. Wearing vest in the office or at work put it on with a classic white tailored shirt with a black leg dress kind of pants.

8. This can be worn as a top itself. Just make sure to avoid wearing a short vest that shows off the cleavage. With tank top, check out the holes and be sure they do not go very low with the straps sitting perfect on the shoulders. Pairing it with wide or flared pants will look awesome. By the way, this will display your arms, better be sure they are toned or flabby.

9. A printed tee shirt will also go with a vest as it tones down the shirt; it could be cool to wear the vest open to reveal the print.

There are more ways to wear boho vest to make you look professional yet effortlessly chic. It can be worn with accessories like belt, necklace or your best boho scarf. But more importantly, boho is about being yourself and showing your inside beauty, so be confident while wearing any boho vest and you are sure to stand out from the rest.

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